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Uv Transformer is one of the leading and most reputed Manufacturer and repairing and Exporter of Distribution transformer And PoweTransformers in India.

Uv Transformer is dedicated to achieving ultimate excellence in its products. Decades of experience has enabled us to achieve a perfect command in manufacturing Low Loss Quality Transformers.

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We are one of the leading designer & manufacturers of Power & Distribution transformers. Our transformers are running trouble free at several sites all over the country as well abroad too. We are on the approved list of leading consultant, major houses & also with Electricity Boards in the country.

We are fully aware about the downtime loss in a production unit. Especially if it comes about due to the failure of a transformer. Irrespective of brand of transformer, kindly note that,

  • Uv Transformer undertakes repair of transformers of any make and a range up to 25 Kva to 8 Mva, both at our works and also at site (if adequate handling & working facilities are available). Generally most of leading manufacturers do not carry out repairs of transformers, especially if they are not of their own brands.
  • UV TRANSFORMER has hands on experience to inspect failed / damaged transformers “in-situ” and ability to give quickly a rough cost estimate for taking immediate decision regarding repairs.
  • UV TRANSFORMER has excellent design back up to check the transformer undertaken for repair and to suggest alteration in design and to repair the same with suitable modification for trouble-free operations subsequently. All improvements to enhance better performance are carried out without obligation.
  • UV TRANSFORMER has the requisite confidence in its in-house technical strength to offer suitable guarantees on such repaired transformers even though the original units are of a make other than its own.
  • Uv Transformer undertake Conversion of transformers for MVA // KV Rating up to 8 Mva, including MVA capacity enhancement by providing additional cooling [ONAF] / Oil Pump [OFAF] and Conversion of transformer from Off Circuit to On Load Tap Changer by providing OLTC.
  • We supply Spares required for any make of transformer as well OLTC, including imported brands.
  • In UV TRANSFORMER, we do not differentiate the transformer under manufacturing and the transformer under repair as far as quality aspects are concern.